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Aloha Pineapple Bottle StopperAloha Pineapple Bottle StopperOur price: £15.00Sale price: £12.00ViewSay Hello to the chic pineapple bottle stopper. In glimmering gold this sweet stopper keeps your bar as fresh as your beverages.Betty Bay Staggeringly Handsome CoastersBetty Bay Staggeringly Handsome CoastersOur price: £4.00ViewThese Staggeringly Handsome Melamine drinks Coasters are Gloss, of high quality, with a black baize back to prevent scratching. Available in Black or Red these coasters complement each other if you decide to mix and match.Chloe Gardner Square CoastersChloe Gardner Square CoastersOur price: £3.00ViewThese beautiful square drinks coasters are by Scottish Artist, Chloe Gardner and are made of a high quality melamine front and cork back coaster. Classic Chrome Champagne StopperClassic Chrome Champagne StopperOur price: £6.00ViewJust a little something for the Champagne lover in your life... to keep the fizz, long after the cork has been popped.
Darach - Whisky Stave Glass/Jug Holders - Made in ScotlandDarach - Whisky Stave Glass/Jug Holders - Made in ScotlandOur price: £20.00Sale price: £17.00ViewLooking for 'something different' for a wide variety of gift giving occasions? Frosty Ice Sphere MouldFrosty Ice Sphere MouldOur price: £9.00ViewIdeal gift for the ice lover in your life who likes to be just a little different from the rest. HOST Deluxe Red Wine Aerator & PourerHOST Deluxe Red Wine Aerator & PourerOur price: £27.00Sale price: £24.00ViewSavour the moment. Instantly enhance the flavour of your wine with our deluxe bottle-top aerator. Just pop it on, pour it out and drink it down. Raise your glass with HOST!HOST Remix Double JiggerHOST Remix Double JiggerOur price: £6.50ViewConcoct the perfect cocktail with the REMIX Double Jigger. Its smooth interior ring allows you to spin like a pro while the comfortable silicone grip ensures it will become a staple to any home bar. Perfect for the Cocktail lover in your life. Ideal gift on its own or why not choose a few of our drinks accessories, pop them in a gift bag with some tissue paper on top and hey presto, your very own 'niche' gift idea.
HOST Wine ChillerHOST Wine ChillerOur price: £20.00Sale price: £18.00ViewDesigned like an icicle to fit in a bottle of wine, HOST Wine Chiller produces the same result without watering it down. Cleverly formed plastic with freezing gel in the centre section means it stays colder for longer and doesn't dilute your wine.Pewter Neck Topper/Hanging Decoration - But & Ben, Made in ScotlandPewter Neck Topper/Hanging Decoration - But & Ben, Made in ScotlandOur price: £11.25Sale price: £9.25ViewHandcrafted from lead-free pewter on the west coast of Scotland, this hanging decoration is the perfect gift to give someone a wee touch of Scotland.Rainbow Wine Stopper and Drinks Charm SetRainbow Wine Stopper and Drinks Charm SetOur price: £11.00Sale price: £9.00ViewWhat better way to help your guests keep track of their glass than with this colourful Rainbow Bottle Stopper complete with six different coloured drink charms... should help save on the washing up too!! Not to mention keeping any leftover wine fresh for another day, with the Rainbow Stopper.True Zoo - Flamingo Stir SticksTrue Zoo - Flamingo Stir SticksOur price: £10.50ViewMake stirring drinks flamboyant with our Flamingo Stir Sticks. A 'leg up' on the typical drink stirrer, this flock gets the party started in style. They’re so much more than your average tacky yard art. Whether you're single and ready to flamingle or birds of a feather, these stir sticks do the trick.
True Zoo Corkatoo – Bottle Opener (Pastel)True Zoo Corkatoo – Bottle Opener (Pastel)Our price: £15.00View TrueZoo Corkatoo – Bottle Opener (Bold)TrueZoo Corkatoo – Bottle Opener (Bold)Our price: £15.00Sale price: £12.00ViewCorkatoo is your fashionable feathered helper.Tux Pourer - PeguinTux Pourer - PeguinOur price: £7.00ViewJust a little something for the novelty/Penguin/wine lover in your life. Twine - Hand-painted Bottle StopTwine - Hand-painted Bottle StopOur price: £15.00Sale price: £9.00ViewSave your wine for another day using this stylish ceramic floral bottle stopper. The secure rubber ring ensures a tight fit keeping your wine fresh.
Wine Tasting Gift Set by Vacu VinWine Tasting Gift Set by Vacu VinOur price: £19.00Sale price: £15.00ViewThe set is attractively packaged and is an ideal gift/present for the wine enthusiast.Wine Traveller GlassWine Traveller GlassOur price: £15.00ViewAn ideal gift choice for the traveller/wine lover in your life. This portable acrylic wine glass comes in its very own carrier, with pink screw top lid. Why not choose a few other drink accessories, to accompany the glass, pop them in a gift bag, some tissue on top and, hey presto, your own 'niche' gift idea.
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