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'Friendship' Pewter Quaich - Made in Scotland'Friendship' Pewter Quaich - Made in ScotlandOur price: £37.00View An ideal gift from Scotland, this traditional pewter toasting quaich features an engraving of a heart with two hands either side, circled by the words, Love, Loyalty, Friendship. Aloha Pineapple Bottle StopperAloha Pineapple Bottle StopperOur price: £15.00ViewSay Hello to the chic pineapple bottle stopper. In glimmering gold this sweet stopper keeps your bar as fresh as your beverages.Blush Iridescent Hip FlaskBlush Iridescent Hip FlaskBlush Iridescent Hip FlaskOur price: £23.00ViewConstructed from Stainless Steel with an iridescent finish, this fashionable hip flask is perfect for festivals and outdoor concerts alike. Dartington Crystal Glitz Champagne Flute GlassDartington Crystal Glitz Champagne Flute GlassDartington Crystal Glitz Champagne Flute GlassOur price: £22.50Sale price: £18.00ViewSpoil the Champagne lover in your life with this single glass.. the perfect gift, to give their glass some glamour. Ideal gift for a special birthday... 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th.... or, just because ...
Dartington Crystal Glitz Champagne Flutes (Pair)Dartington Crystal Glitz Champagne Flutes (Pair)Our price: £45.00Sale price: £40.00ViewFew Champagne flutes can match the glamour of these from the Dartington Crystal Glitz collection. Their tall, slim bowl is handmade and embellished with Crystals from Swarovski ®. Dartington Crystal Glitz Prosecco Glasses (Pair)Dartington Crystal Glitz Prosecco Glasses (Pair)Our price: £45.00Sale price: £40.00ViewEverybody knows that prosecco is the drink of the moment, but not everybody knows that the best way to drink the Italian sparkling wine is from a specially shaped Prosecco glass. Slightly shorter and wider than a traditional flute the shape of these prosecco flutes accentuates the flavours and carries a frothy head of bubbles. Dartington Crystal Glitz Wine GlassDartington Crystal Glitz Wine GlassOur price: £22.50Sale price: £18.00ViewThe perfect gift for a wine lover who loves a bit of glitz and sparkle. Ideal for a special birthday... 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th.... or, just because ...Dartington Crystal Glitz Wine Glasses (Pair)Dartington Crystal Glitz Wine Glasses (Pair)Our price: £45.00Sale price: £40.00ViewA real touch of glamour with every sip. These lovely crystal wine glasses are embellished with Crystals from Swarovski ® and are suitable for any still wine: red, white or rose.
Deer Hip FlaskDeer Hip FlaskOur price: £19.00ViewYou'll no longer have to be a deer in the headlights at your next gathering. Stand out from the herd with this a-doe-able hip flask and fashionably carry 140ml of your favourite drink.Fox Hip FlaskFox Hip FlaskOur price: £19.00ViewWhether hanging out in your den or lurking around in public, this sneaky little fox hip flask will hold 140ml of your favourite liquid. What a fantastic way to drink like a vixen!Lolita - Birthday Girl Pilsner GlassLolita - Birthday Girl Pilsner GlassOur price: £20.00Sale price: £18.00ViewA great gift for a birthday girl who enjoys her beer! Covered in gems and bright colours, this design will set the tone for any birthday celebrations.Owl Hip FlaskOwl Hip FlaskOur price: £19.00ViewWhooo ever said drinking couldn't be more fun? Grab one of these nocturnal hip flasks and make any adventure a hoot! Pretty soon you'll be tweeting "Owl have another!”
Scottish Saltire HipflaskScottish Saltire HipflaskOur price: £24.00ViewPerfect for the patriotic Scot. 6oz stainless steel hip flask with blue and white leather Saltire or saint Andrew’s Cross. Curved to fit your body, with a captive screw top to keep the precious contents secure. Comes in a presentation box.Siren Mermaid Bottle StopperSiren Mermaid Bottle StopperOur price: £14.50ViewBeautiful, metallic greens and golds, and a little glimmer…all the best parts of a mermaid tail inspired this gold metal bottle stopper. It will keep your favourite bottled beverages as fresh and delightful as you are!Tartan Hipflask Set with FunnelTartan Hipflask Set with FunnelOur price: £25.00ViewCrafted from quality stainless steel, this 6oz tartan and leather hipflask measures approximately 12cm tall. It comes with a handy funnel to assist with decanting, a screw cap for good closure and two drinking cups.True Zoo - Flamingo Stir SticksTrue Zoo - Flamingo Stir SticksOur price: £10.50ViewMake stirring drinks flamboyant with our Flamingo Stir Sticks. A 'leg up' on the typical drink stirrer, this flock gets the party started in style. They’re so much more than your average tacky yard art. Whether you're single and ready to flamingle or birds of a feather, these stir sticks do the trick.
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